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See our beautiful images here. It will give a very good impression about Casa Sereno. But, be carefull, you may like it so much that you will book your stay instantly!

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Our video

Casa Sereno is 2,000 m2 of private land in a natural wooded area with many species of trees and plants. A perfect place to enjoy in the garden, laze in a hammock under the almond trees, or to paint one of the many idyllic places, but also to walk to the beach or along the coast.

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Holiday houses

Holiday houses

This rustic villa is situated on one of the most beautiful places along the Algarve coast, just 3 minutes from the beautiful sandy beaches. The Villa Casa Sereno is located in Vale Del Rei (the valley of kings) a wooded location where tranquility and nature are prominent.

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Restaurants (This is a selection and we can always reserve for you)

Vale del Rei

  • Brasserie Rosal is close to our house. They have a good menu and also weekly menu nights, theme nights and BBQ evenings. Back to the roundabout at our house and then straight ahead.
  • Close to our house (roundabout on the left, then roundabout on the left and then the first street on the right) is Pescador where you have lunch among the Portuguese. Delicious fish or chicken piri piri for very little money a complete menu.


  • On the beach of Benagil is O Pescador with great food, attractive decor, outside terrace with sea view. Reservations are recommended. Note: the fish of the day is a lot more expensive. Ask for the price.
  • Above O Pescador is O Algar. Run by Portuguese family. Wonderfully pure prepared and beautiful view. Plastic seats but that is a bit of the Portuguese.
  • Also on the beach of Benagil is Casa Lamy where you can have a nice and cheap lunch. Evening food is also possible.
  • There is also restaurant L'Itoral where the baked plaice is very tasty, but also cataplana, etc.


  • In Carvoeiro there are many nice restaurants from cheap to more expensive. Villa Medici is a very good restaurant where you can really eat super tasty. The house wine is delicious and the ambiance both outside and inside is great. Primavera is also where the food is good.
  • Opposite Primavera is Earth, with beautiful vegetarian and other goodies for lunch and also delicious coffee with fresh cakes or muffins, scones. Also nice gift, tea types and other delicacies for sale
  • Opposite Villa Medici is Terroir where especially the wines are very important and delicious. They also have a Tapas menu that is not very extensive, but the food is good.
  • A little further down the same street as Vila Medici is the Wolf. Nice restaurant with mainly good meat but also two vegetarian dishes.
  • On the other hand, there is a very small restaurant that is definitely worth a visit and where you can cook with natural products in Tapas form and also enjoy a delicious vegetarian meal. Definitely reserve the name is Le Cro.
  • Near the beach of Carvoeiro is restaurant Onze if you look at the beach with your nose and then walk up to the left. Very good food.
  • Restaurant Sansibar is still on the same road. Good food and also good fresh fish and tasty tapas and when you sit upstairs a beautiful view.
  • In the center you will find restaurant Ele and Ela where you can also eat delicious culinary food for a good price and nice service. reservation in high season required.
  • You will also find restaurant Chef’s Kitchen from the same owner. Nicely decorated and good food.
  • Restaurant Umar diagonally opposite Villa Medici is also good with its price / quality according to our guests. Often live music, also Fado and also open in winter.
  • Restaurant Boneca is located between a beautiful rock formation. Is not open in the winter but location is fantastic. Delicious fresh fish that is grilled. It is therefore on the coast at Algar Seco. A wooden path runs along the coast to the center of Carvoeiro near the beach. About 10 minutes.
  • Restaurant Maxime is from Dutch owners and therefore has well-known dishes for us. Friendly owners and the food is great.
  • On the west side of Carvoeiro is the restaurant Mar d’Fora on the cliffs with a magnificent view of the sea. Reservation required.
  • Slightly back in the same street is restaurant Pani with a fantastic roof terrace with a sea view. The better Indian food!


  • Tapas no Bucho is a restaurant run by a Portuguese family in the middle of Lagoa (car-free area). Delicious tapas prepared with love for a friendly price.
  • Guests sometimes ask where can I have a nice cup of coffee with a pastry? Then look for a pastelaria, eg Helydoce in Lagoa. On the 125 before Lagoa before the pink jet wash to the right, into Lagoa and then keep to the right street and then it is hidden on the right between the flats. The water runs into your mouth when you enter it. Many Portuguese also very cozy.
  • Another good option is if you are driving from Intermarche to Carvoeiro. Right at the start there is the paderia / pastelaria Fabrica Velha


  • In Porches you will find restaurant Rampa where you have a menu including wine for around ten euros. Inside nicely refurbished and good food, really Portuguese.
  • Also in Porches is just before the roundabout on the right at the Pottery restaurant Casa Algarve. Just like Rampa Portuguese and cheap. They have a covered terrace and a wide view.
  • If you want to have a nice lunch or a cup of coffee with home-made English cake or something similar, you can go to lunchroom Bachus that belongs to the Pottery Porches. Also lies on the 125 where you can also see the Portuguese women painting the pottery.
  • Do you really want culinary food then O Léao in Porches is a good choice. Really luxurious food in a wonderful ambiance.

Armação de Pera


  • At the front in Armação on the beach you will find Olivalmar (at the first roundabout on the right). Nice lunch or dinner with a beautiful view of the sea. Good fish and tapas and definitely recommended.
  • Just below (not visible from the road) you will find Sardinha Assada. A stand tent with delicious fresh fish and other dishes and also a beautiful view full of the sea
  • On the other side of Armação de Pera at the original and still in use fishermen's cottages is a more luxurious beach bar with the name Praia Dourade. Beautiful entourage and beautiful food in a beautiful place.


  • Then in Ferragudo, in the center near the harbor, there are also nice pizzerias and restaurants where you can sit very comfortably. A lively square. and another authentic fishing village.
  • At Praia Grande you will find club Nau where you can eat delicious dishes in a relaxed atmosphere and good bands often play every Sunday. Beautiful sea view.
  • Also on the same beach is Kalu beach tent with a delicious Sangria and tasty lunch dishes. Delicious fries


  • On the road to Silves you will find restaurant Barradas on the left. A beautiful garden and cozy inside with the fireplace on in the winter. Great food and super fresh fish that the owner is happy to show you and a delicious home-made wine. Culinary enjoyment for a good price.
  • In Silves there is restaurant / cafe Ingles near the stairs to the castle. Nice place, also tasteful and cozy inside but food not very special.
  • In Silves you will also find many small local places where the food is delicious among the Portuguese. Look where many people are.
  • There are also several eateries along the road (N125) where the Portuguese often sit and where the food is cheap and delicious. The ambiance is often less, but nice to do once. E.g. Ti Teresa on the N125 towards Alcantarilha from your apartment. Located to the left of the road.


  • In Portimão you will find the beach club / club Nos Solo Aqua on the harbor at the beach. Those with the swimming pool also have a good restaurant and they also have sushi. You can also spend a wonderful day there with beautiful sun beds, also large for several people and massage and delicious cocktails. Reasonable prices for such a location. For spending a day you can also opt for the beach area. All dressed up so cool and great music.
  • On the boulevard in Portimão are also many restaurants where you can eat well.