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Casa Sereno is 2,000 m2 of private land in a natural wooded area with many species of trees and plants. A perfect place to enjoy in the garden, laze in a hammock under the almond trees, or to paint one of the many idyllic places, but also to walk to the beach or along the coast.

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Holiday houses

Holiday houses

This rustic villa is situated on one of the most beautiful places along the Algarve coast, just 3 minutes from the beautiful sandy beaches. The Villa Casa Sereno is located in Vale Del Rei (the valley of kings) a wooded location where tranquility and nature are prominent.

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1. Serra de Monchique : is the paradise for walkers in the west part of Algarve, immense peace, wealthy subtropical vegetation, fertile terraces and green valleys full of wild flowers such as mimosa, cork oaks, etc. On the highest summit Foia (905 mtrs) you can enjoy a magnificent look out. Monchique is also a pleasent small village with narrow alleys, brightly coloured houses and a authentic relaxed atmosphere.

2. Lagos dos Salgados is lying in the neighbourhood of our villa. It is a lagoon with brackish water, protected by a row of dunes against the Atlantic Ocean. A nice footpath has been constructed with a wooden platform so that you can easily walk through and back along the beach. It is the only breeding place of cattle egrets spoonbills, flamingos and white egrets.

3. Ria de Alvor : walkers as well as nature and birdwatchers can indulge themselves here. It is the restfeeding place from migrating wader as the caspian terns, plovers, flamingos and black tailed goodwits. The nature reserve can be explored from the village Alvor by making a nice walk partly along the lagoon and partly along the beach, thereby making a good use of the wooden stepstones. It is also possible to rent canoes to cross the lagoon. There is a varied walkingtour from 8 kilometres as well through the area from the original small raiwaystation from the Mexilhoeira Grande.

4. Ria Formosa : luing three quarters driving between Faro and Tavira. It is a protected nature reserve and a place to rest for many migratory birds but also a home for one of the biggest colonies of seahorses of the World. (